Tumbleweed 2018

Kansas City's Country Music & Camping Festival - 2 Days + 2 Nights
Music • Camping • Country Boutiques + Vendors • Canoe Trips • Zip Line • Helicopter Rides
Fishing • Hiking • Bull Riding • Local Winery Tastings • Hot Air Balloon Rides

Nebraska Exposed Highlights 10 Local Performers at SXSW 2018

On the trip down to Austin, Lloyd McCarter and the Honky Tonk Revival played at two legendary honky tonks, Knuckleheads in Kansas City and Mercury Lounge in Tulsa. On their way back home, the group played a show at Roca Tavern and World of Wheels in Omaha before playing at The Zoo Bar in Lincoln.

Lloyd McCarter to Release Album at Zoo Bar

"I can already say that it’s the best yet from McCarter and one of the best Lincoln country records that I can remember hearing."

2014 Ameripolitan Music Awards

The Ameripolitan Music Awards were established as an annual celebration devoted to acknowledging and honoring the Ameripolitan music genre. Ameripolitan music is defined as original music with prominent roots influence, encompassing four subgenres of music (honky-tonk, western swing, rockabilly, and outlaw) that did not previously fit into any celebrated categories within the mainstream pop country music industry.

Lincoln Musician Lloyd McCarter
Finds a Home in Traditional Country Sound

In order to gain some kind of major radio airplay, artists need producers and record labels standing behind them. For McCarter, the idea of abandoning his true roots isn’t worth it the money.

Lloyd McCarter: Having a Big Time, Making it Small Time

“Country music has kind of faded away, except for a few people who are kind of in the shadows who keep it alive,” McCarter said. “Producers, songwriters and artists have absolutely destroyed the honesty and integrity of what it used to be.”